ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

road trip!

we started sunday and drove 12 hours to get from austin to santa fe, most of that was in texas!

then we had a rest day in santa fe which was lovely, and a lot of it was spent with Uncle Mark Fuller who told us many stories about santa fe and john maize.

today was magical. we started with a drive to sedona that was suppose to take 7.5 hours. we took a detour into the painted desert and the petrified forest. (sounds like a harry potter novel!) it was beautiful. we saw blue mesas.

then we headed towards sedona through i-89a and we stopped at a scenic overlook. we ended up hiking towards a bridge and seeing the beautiful canyon and river below us. We saw people swimming underneath and i wanted to swim. i love water!

so james and i hiked to the water and we considered swimming even though we didn't have our swimsuits, and finally i was like: we should swim! james swam in his underwear and so did i!

note to self: buy a bunch of cuter underwear and replace my old ones.

there was a natural water slide and we swam through it and it was amazing. it was cold and wonderful and apparently usually the area was full but since it was a little rainy and towards the end of the day hardly anyone else was there. and then it was just the three of us.

it was magical.

then we had dinner at elote and then ended up with drinking wine and hanging out with katrina and andrew who were wonderful hosts.
Tags: best of, travel, vacation
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