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We spent the first half of our trip in La Fortuna, which is where the volcano and wedding is. The first night was at a cheap hostel and then we moved into a real nice place with waterfall showers and heated pool. The wedding itself was very fun and amazing. Gorgeous. The funniest thing was hearing the bride, a wedding photographer said after the toasts: I get it! I get it now. And she said it was the happiest day of her life.

It's hard not to be happy when your loved ones and best friends are all gathered to celebrate you.

Andy and I went skinny dipping in the heated pool with 5 other unnamed people, around midnight last night as it rained. That may have been my most magical moment from the trip so far. When the pool got too hot, I laid by the side of the pool and let the rain drops fall on my naked body and it was magical.

We took a shuttle at 6 am today to go to Cahuita, which is a sleepy town in the carribean coast and very tiny. I can hear the waves beat against shore from my small hotel room. We had a delicious dinner of fried fish at Miss Edith's. Things are cheaper here then La Fortuna but not much cheaper. Andy said: It's crazy that we are paying 75% of American prices while having dinner in a dirty hovel. It was still $48 for dinner.

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