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i keep wanting to write

but instead of writing i browse facebook, or go into social media. are facebook statuses and twitter sating my need to write so i am satisfied and then spend the rest of the day consuming media?

and yet when i sit on my computer with a blank document in front of me, it's too much. it's too much to even write a short story.

when i was a kid i told myself i was going to write a book when i was an adult. now i'm an adult with white hairs and i still haven't wrote a single book.

i suck.

on a journal news, i am in ithaca. after being a bridesmaid in costa rica, i am now a bestwoman in ithaca. i'm also the photographer which is a bit confusing.

my best friend manuel is getting married to a lovely boy named dom. they seem happy together.

i have ample free time now, i should just write a short story while i'm here and then publish it to livejournal and no one will read it but andy and it would be okay.

but i don't know what to write.


Aug. 10th, 2013 08:59 pm (UTC)
Most of what I write is either nowhere apart from my own computer, or else it's written for a single person -- I've been a pretty active penpal since I was 12, and perhaps half of all I've written has been letters, in one form or another. It's fun, and I learn a lot, because I make it a point to have penpals very different from me, at the moment I send a lot of stories to Tunisia and Iran.

Other than that, I've written quite a lot of stuff for the pirate party here in Norway - I'm not sure I even told you, but I'm a candidate for parliament in the election coming up in 6 weeks. There's no chance I'll be elected, I'm number 5 on the list, and 7 people from Rogaland get elected, so we'd need like 75% of the votes to get me in. (we'd be extatic about 5% really)

And I do my level best to do whatever I can to support women figthing for a fairer middle east, because I care.
Aug. 11th, 2013 05:20 pm (UTC)
you're an awesome person eivind :) good luck in the election!