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a wedding toast

Yesterday was Manuel and Dom's wedding. I was the bestwoman and I shot the wedding!

So I've been bridesmaid thrice, but this is the first time in the maid of honor/bestwoman role, so I actually had to make a toast. I freaked out about it. It's been a while since I've done a performance, and the ones I did: improv and musical theatre dancing, were group performances.

I spent some time researching toasts, then wrote it down. And then I actually rehearsed it about 10 times since I wanted to be able to say it without a piece of paper, because I wanted to be more organic when I said it.

The two of them were musical theatre geeks so I put some of it in there. During the wedding day, I curiously prodded the other wedding party and family members that were doing toasts and nobody was prepared. Everybody else was winging it. So that made me feel much better.

I was supposed to toast last, but I went second to last. Delivered my speech, which I thought went decent. Not amazing, but pretty good. And the whole experience was so fascinating. I have a bit of my husband's critical thought process, so as people laughed, I made note of their laughter, whether it was a free laugh or a small laugh. (Andy, this is your fault).

And then when it was done, I hugged both grooms. And then I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulder and I could just relax.

And then apparently, the bestwoman for the other groom refused to do her toast, because she went after me. Hah. I didn't think it was that amazing, but so many people came up afterwards to tell me what a great toast it was.

Ok. So here is the toast, I think the only reason my toast seemed amazing is because the other 3 people who toasted before me winged it. Otherwise it's just okay. And really, you cannot wing wedding toasts unless you're a professional actor or storyteller, because it takes time to think about what story to say, and how that person means so much to you and what you want them to hear on their wedding day.

A toast to Manuel

I’ve known Manuel for 16 years now.
When I first met Manuel all those years ago, he told me the meaning of life.
He said: “The meaning of life is to spend more time browsing the internet, and playing Starcraft.”

Ever since I’ve known Manuel, everything about him was neat and orderly. He wore nice clothes, and had impeccable taste in decorating his house and apartment. I remember him visiting me in Austin, TX several years ago. I had a cat, and of course, cat hair got everywhere. It got on his clothes, and that really bothered him. He made a special trip to the grocery store just to get a special hair remover brush. He lectured me on how the house would be so much cleaner if I didn’t have a cat. He admitted that he was just not a cat person.

So imagine my surprise when a few years later, Manuel texted me images of two kittens that he and Dom had adopted.

Which brings me to conclude: Dom, you’re the best thing that has happened to Manuel.
You mess up his orderly, well decorated life, and filled it with pasta, football, lots of alcohol and jokes... of questionable taste.

Dom, you made Manuel into someone that loves cats.

Manuel and Dom:

In the immortal words of Rent, Cabaret, and Wicked

Live in your house,
Be each other’s shelter
Cover each other with a thousand sweet kisses.
Defy gravity
May you wake up everyday,
Look around and say:
Somebody wonderful married me.

To Manuel and Dom!
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