ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

dance camp

well, there were a few private posts before this where I angsted and got pissy, so it's best they stay private. Suffice it to say that I as usual, manage to put my foot in my mouth.

Today was good, a long day. I had a break through in turn class. I was getting really in my head and couldn't find my pirouttes, and I was trying to deduct, like Sherlock Holmes, what was causing it. Partly it was the drama caused by certain people and me being aware of them watching me. And realized it was because I wasn't pulled up and my shoulders weren't drawn back. And then I did so good. yeah.

It's not magic, it's technique.

Partnering was great. One of the guys there I see every year and he told me that he always enjoyed partnering with me. Which was nice, because I'm so self-conscious of my weight during partnering class. And this choreography had a back lift.

Then I went and hung out with some awesome girls and drank.
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