ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Since I was a teenager there was also one consistent passion I love: Dance.

I missed dance camp in 2012, by the time I decided to go, the camp I usually go to was sold out. I worried about the financial cost, especially after doing a $3500 photography workshop.

So it's been 2 years since I went to camp, and going back reminded me how desperately I love dance. Many times during the past two years, when I had an opportunity to go to dance class, I chose instead to stay home. For something I love so much, I sure spend a lot of time avoiding it.

I love dance more then I love photography. And yet I've spent so much more money on photography then dance. Not just for business stuff, but also I've traveled so much for photography lately, which is all nice and good, but in the end I just need a reminder of where my heart lies.

I would open up a dance studio in a heartbeat if I knew it could be profitable. But dance isn't one of those passions that make money.

Maybe a dance/improv studio :-) So it can lose money twice as fast. Hahaha.
Tags: dance
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