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New Hampshire

We went to New Hampshire to primarily hang out with my old Indonesian family friends. Andy and I slept in a loft in a small one bedroom while the parents: Andi and Desi and the two kiddos: Abed and Ael all piled in the one bedroom.

Desi have been friends with me for a very long time. We met at the Alliance Francaise in Jakarta, and we went to Paris together. She introduced me to RCWS, a church youth group which I delved into whole-heartedly as a kid. She ended up in college in NYC and I stayed with her during summers since I ended up in Ithaca, NY for college. She is now a pastor's wife in the middle of nowhere, New Hampshire, which was not what I expected. She was so vibrant and artistic, and was in the School of Visual Arts in NYC and now she seems a bit lost. Her youngest just started school and she now has about 5 hours a day with no children and I can see that she's struggling to find herself again.

So it was actually the first time my husband got to really hang out with Indonesians. And he did so amazing. Everyone was constantly feeding us, and there was a lot of laughter.

Andy says that I laugh differently there, I laugh openly from the belly. I do generally have a huge laugh so it's hard to imagine it even bigger. Desi says she only laughs that loud when I'm around.

The Indonesians were marveling that Andy would eat all the spicy food, and that he was eating as leisurely as they do: one plate... talk... chill... another plate... talk.. chill... start over from the appetizer.

Both Andy and I hovered over Opa and the other cooks and asked them about their recipes.

Andy fell in love with Manado spicy pork satay.

It was so nice to see him immersed in the Indo world.
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