ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

A day in the life

On Saturday, I attended a vintage knickers party, basically it's women prancing around in vintage underwear. There was only one man, Marc, and he was the bartender. There was a menu of 30 craft cocktails and I found myself drinking gin, scotch, bourbon and vodka. Needless to say, I napped in the middle of the party.

It was fun, and it made me think: why do men not have boxer parties but women have underwear parties?

Today, Sunday we had brunch at Polvos with a bunch of burners and then I had a private ballet lesson. One of the teachers and I are trading, I'm doing her head shots and she gives me a few privates. It was quite brutal but instructive. It did make me despair because there are so many things that I'm doing wrong in ballet.

Then Andy and I went to see Midsummer's Night Dream, it was Andy's first time at the Ballet in about 5 years. I really enjoyed how pretty it was. It also was fun to know most of the company members, and I think everyone did a good job, except for one person.

Then we went to the Hideout improv hour. At that point I was really social-ed out.

And then I work work work, and now we're about to watch Breaking Bad
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