ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

I finished editing my wedding from this Saturday. Boom.

So then I was at home on a wed night being vaguely bored. Andy was out teaching, and I was like.. BORED! BORED! like Sherlock.
And then I actually wrote a short story. It's only 2.5 pages, I showed it to Andy and he was like: your tenses are all over the place.
Sad face.

But it's only my second short story ever. So I'm not posting it here. The ending needs to change. And apparently so do the tenses.

I'm noting it on livejournal because it's a big deal. I actually sat down and finished a short story.

That's kinda awesome.

Andy and I also went to Dancer's shape today and took a fitness class together.
Oh, I baked a cake but fucked up the metric system. I converted all the grams and mls to cups and tablespoons, but then... I forgot to convert the celcius to F so I was cooking the cake at 170F for 3 hours and it just wouldn't set. Once I got the temperature right it tastes great, but the texture is still wrong. But I figure it was a good lesson in cross cultural baking.

Good day.
Tags: writing
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