ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

a day in the life

- I woke up and did email and administrative work: signing and sending out contracts to clients and assistants.
- Lunch was leftover fish, spinach, rice and pork.
- Started and finished reading Brandon Sanderson's short novel: The Emperor's Soul.
- Played some geodefense (an iphone tower defense game).
- Swung by the library to pick up books I had on hold (Brandon Sanderson, Richelle Mead, Anne Bishop and Robin M)
- Went to Anthropologie and bought 2 dresses.
- Dinner was more leftover fish, spinach, rice and pork.
- Walked to the gym: treadmill and a little bit of rowing machine and pull-ups.
- Worked on my short story some more to wrap up the ending a little more neatly.
- Sent the short story to Andy to fix my typos and tenses. I apparently have a hard time sticking with the past tense, but writing in present tense is still a bit controversial.
- Edited 200 wedding photos.
- Played some more geodefense
- Watched Vince Gilligan's interview on Stephen Colbert
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