ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


I've been toying with film making lately. In the long line of things that Nadine might feel interesting, so why not try it out?

I already have a video camera thanks to my photography. The Nikon D4 should be able to do movies and some budget film makers use dslrs to flim. The big thing would be learning how to actually shoot video and edit it. Thanks to photography I can see light, and composition. But I would have to learn about motion and perspective.

Also editing videos seem like a pain.

Anyways it is also linked to my desire to write. It's all about telling stories. I think photography is an easy way to tell a story, it's one picture, and a group of pictures, the best pictures from the day to tell a story. I make a slideshow for every client and it's like a little movie.

I'm volunteering for the austin film festival, and I am registered for sxsw film festival. Hopefully that will help me get more in the know.
Tags: filmmaking
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