ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Thank you, alcohol glow!

I was a Tardis for Halloween! I have some crappy photos but need to get a good one for it.
Andy spent a night making me a light hat that lights up.

Then I wandered around 6th street Austin, and most people didn't recognize me. But the ones that do were so happy. I got asked to take photos several times, and I was super good natured about it because of the times I've bothered celebrities for photos, and also because it was nice that people were so enthused.

I met one Doctor Who, apparently I was the only one to recognize him. There was another fake Doctor (people just told him he looked like Tennent so he decided to be one.) Andy was supposed to be Matt Smith, it was an okay job, his facial beard got in the way and he had no fez.

But it was so nice to be so loved by strangers. People called to me, some british guy just said: "So lovely."

After carousing downtown Austin I went to the Austin Film Festival closing party where I got suuuuuuuper drunk. Open bar of gin cocktails is bad for me. Networked with even more film makers. And I noticed it got easier and easier to network the drunker I got. Someone even remarked on it and said I had a glow. Thank you, alcohol glow!

So I met a LOT of people in the filmmaking industry. And they were mostly amazing. So excited about diving into the industry.
Tags: filmmaking
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