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casting and pre-production

So the course I'm doing with the Austin School of Film is pretty crazy. It's only 8 weeks long and you are supposed to make a short at the end of it.

I had assumed we were going to be split up into groups and we'll make a short, but so far, everyone is making their own short. We were encouraged to help each other but I think very few people are. I would love to help this one guy but he is shooting in Tyler, TX (6 hours away) or another one I was interested was in Waco, TX (about 1.5 hour away).

So I'm going from having zero knowledge about filmmaking to making a short. I'm desperately reading up on shit. But it's a lot of stuff... video editing, filmming, SOUND (who realized sound was so difficult?) getting props.

And casting. The casting process has been weird. The male lead was easily found, Tanner, I've never met him but a friend vouched for him. He's an improvisor, and seems enthusiastic. Which is key when you're not paying them!

And then the female lead was harder to cast. I posted on Craigslist, casting email lists, and used Andy's FB power and stuff... and yet a lot of the women came across as super sultry or porn like. I ended up casting someone I found through my DP. She seems super quirky and it will be interesting.

Oh, I found a DP thanks to craigslist. DP stands for Director of Photography, and is the person in charge of actual filming. They're also called cinematographers, but I guess that is too much of a mouthful so it's DP.

And did I mention I had to write a script. It's an okay script. It's decent. I won't call it great. But you know, we had a few weeks to write one. Other people seem to think it's fun and good.

So, I guess I'm filming a short. CRAZY.

Rehearsal is this thursday and actual shooting is Saturday.
Tags: filmmaking
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