ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

little watercolors

I've been making a bunch of little watercolors and giving them away. Actually I've been making paintings since I was a kid and giving them away. In my twenties they were pretty significant oil canvases... and people would ask for them and I'd give it away.

And some of them were pretty good, and some were pretty bad. But those oil paintings took a long time to make, not to mention how expensive the oils were, and the fumes were pretty strong. So I went back to watercolors which I've been playing with since I was a kid. And I made them super small. I made a bunch last year and gave it to a bunch of photographers. Mostly I post them on instagram and I give them away. I think I need to start keeping some of them. Or at least taking photos and making a portfolio.

I looked up how to make fine art watercolor prints and they were so freaking expensive.

Tags: art
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