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Travel to Oahu

We were lucky that our flight to Honolulu was broken up with a layover in LA. So it was a 3.5 hour and a 5.5 hour flight. But man that flight from LA was tortuous. The seats seemed closer then usual, and the guy in front pushed his chair back and I felt like a sardine.

I am thankful that most of the kids on the plane was quiet but because the flight was during the day I was just restless. Played iphone games (Le Havre and Plants vs Zombies), tried to read a Brandon Sanderson novella, and the New Yorker.

We finally arrived at 8:30 am which is about midnight in Austin, it's a 4 hour difference. Andy had found us an airbnb and we got a little discount because they were improv folks, it's 80/night. It's in the hills overlooking waikiki, kinda suburby and small.

Oahu is the third island that Andy and I have been together since we both love Hawaii, we're trying to visit all the islands. It's definitely the most developed island. I've been here before as a teenager from Indonesia. It was the first time I saw porn! Just a regular drug store with porn magazines in the rack, hidden at the back. Of course I was fascinated! My first glimpse of a penis was a giant glorious black cock.

Anyways, back to tourism. Andy has decided that places we've been to alone doesn't count unless we're together. So this is island #3.

I work up around 5:30 am, jetlag! Now waiting for Andy to wake up so we can feed me!!!
Tags: hawaii
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