ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Hawaii on a budget

So we've been trying not to spend too much money while in Hawaii. Waikiki is happy to take as much money from you that it can, but we've been to the other Hawaiian islands and while it's more work to plan your own excursions, it's possible.

We also don't mind just having a chill vacation.

Yesterday we started off with lunch at Yama's fish market. It's a small store, and I had the best poke ever. Poke is a Hawaiian dish with raw tuna and asian marinades. I've never liked them before, but this one was spicy ahi tuna with wasabi and it was crazy good. And I don't even like wasabi!

We then drove off to Kaimana beach and I played around in the water, and watched Waikiki be covered by a rainbow haze. What a ridiculously beautiful place.

We thought about going to Pearl Harbor but figured out that we were to late to get tixs, then we ended up chilling back at our airbnb place again.

I dragged Andy back out to Kaimana beach to see the sunset but we ended up walking Waikiki and taking silly iphone photos of the sunset.


Then we went to Shirokiya which is a japanese mall and it had an amazing food court. I was just overwhelmed by how good the food was! And it was cheap!

We love all the delicious free and cheap offerings.

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