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So I wrote a long sappy love note to Andy on Facebook, and there were several reasons that went into it. There was a death in the improv community and even though I didn't know him, I knew a bunch of his mutual friends, and was touched by all the outpouring of love and memories, and also sad about him leaving behind a wife and a 2 year old :(

It definitely made me think about Andy and time... and not really knowing how much time you have with someone you love.

And then I had a dream recently about the possibility of dying in a car crash... and then I had a wedding where I was assisting about 1.5 hours drive away from Austin.

So I was still at the wedding venue, when I wrote this to Andy.


Dear Andy,

I kept meaning to write you a love note... For Christmas and maybe for your birthday but things distract me.

So here I am at a wedding venue, my work is done and I'm writing under the full moon in the cool night.

Happy Valentine's my love.

You are the best thing that has happened to me. I know it sounds like a cliche. But I don't really have anyone else that loves me anywhere as close as you do. I'm sad sometimes that I don't have parents that are present but as Batman says, at least they gave me money... It makes things better.

I love your hairy chest. Snuggling and nuzzling it is the best part of my day. I remember when we first started dating... I would hug you and wish that I could bottle up that feeling, the feeling of being embraced and warm and the skin contact and your chest hair rubbing my nose and face. I remember when you wondered out loud how I breathe down there in your chest.

I used to not like bearded men, but now I think they are hot.

I dated my share of software engineers but it didn't work out. I liked alpha males who could barely give me the time of day. And I ended up with the most kind hearted hippie man who thinks that shampooing is bad for the hair.

When I am really mad at you for some reason or the other (like not washing your hair) you still look at me with tenderness and try to defuse my anger with a bad joke. Sometimes I turn away to smile before recomposing my angry face and ranting at you.

I know you love me because somehow you clean the house more then I do now. Because you look at me with a silly expression, because you never take it seriously when I try to rile you up with hurtful words. Because I say things like: get a ski mask and have sex with me in one! And you reply: I'll swing by the sporting goods store.

I never knew what unconditional love was. Thank you for sharing that with me.

I love you madly and deeply. I wish we could get remarried again so I can do the vows with more belief and love and adoration.

Happy Valentine's day.


Andy's response.

Dear Nadine,

I'm sitting in a coffeeshop on Riverside, waiting for you to get back from San Antonio so I can pick you up and bring you back to the warm home that we've built together over the last eight and a half years. The beer, barbecue and almost-cool breeze are perfect Austin.

And you are my perfect partner. I'm bad at gifts and romance on the whole, but I love you, and if you're going to post lovely, inappropriate things on Facebook then, by god, I will too.

Happy Valentines day, baby.

You are what makes my life universally good. Improv, money, friends and most other things come and go, succeed and stumble, but when in doubt, I'm on track to spend the rest of my life with a beautiful, always-entertaining, often generous/nurturing/caring, sometimes angry Asian girl. I didn't really have an Asian thing before us, but I have now been thoroughly imprinted.

I love holding hands with you while we're driving. I love the way you fit me with your head on my shoulder when we're standing and your head on my chest when we're cuddling. And you always smell amazing and natural. I love how soft your skin is. I love your full lips. I love that your face is exactly what you're feeling at any given moment and that you have A LOT of different feelings over the course of a day.

As you regularly point out, I had my chance. I could have married a nice, sweet-tempered and accommodating hippie chick or maybe a cute barista and lived a peaceful life. But out of some mix of masochism, curiosity and self-preservation, I fell in love with you instead. You're the perfect fit for me, the perfect challenge and a life-long riddle that I'll be happily working on for many many years.

We are so very different and fit together so well. We're better together.

I know I love you because I have zero anxiety about the fact that we're trapped together forever. Because I never get bored listening to you chatter on about your day, the new hobby that you're considering diving into or how someone has most recently wronged you. Because no matter how rough things get, you always come around at the necessary moment with a sense of humor, perspective, generosity, humility and forgiveness. Because you are ultimately patient with a forgetful, occasionally inconsiderate partner.

My life would be wildly incomplete without you. I love you more than ever and would marry you again in a heartbeat.

Happy Valentine's Day my love!
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