ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Ah Vegas. My flight got cancelled coming here and was rescheduled for over 24 hours later, which would cut a 3 day trip into a 1.5 day trip. So I ended up buying a ticket from another airline.

Which made me muse about money and how it eases life. It doesn't bring happiness, but it sure helps it when things become inconvenient.

Vegas is better with a husband in tow, especially at high pressure networking conferences. I felt less pressure to find where the "cool" kids were hanging, and I just let conversations and relationships happen.

People in Vegas dress super dressy, and there is a lot of sequins and glitter, and guys wear suits. I brought a bunch of my sequin tops but I don't like wearing them because they scratch my arms and they're not comfortable. So I made a lot of choices leaning to comfort, and was mentioning to Andy and my friends that my purse was my only attempt to be stylish, and a friend told Andy: "She constantly underrates herself!" And another friend said: "I wanted to steal all her dresses!"

And I had a realization that I could be comfortable and stylish in my own way and I don't need to use Rent the Runway dresses and uncomfortable sequins to look good.

Yay for high school epiphany moment :)
Tags: photography
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