ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Man, facebook. We held off posting on facebook because it seemed so... I'm not sure. But we finally announced and there are so many comments and likes. Several from people I haven't heard of for a long time. It's nice and warm and fuzzy, but it's sooo public.

Alright! So at the ultrasound, when we were looking at the pictures, I was like... is that a boy? That looks like balls to me!
So the tech marked the legs, and then two lines in the genital area, and I was like... oh, it's a boy. And that's what Andy thought too... and then the tech said: "It's a girl!"

And I burst out crying.

I really really wanted a girl. So I'm so happy! YAY! A GIRL!

A couple of people mentioned that no/less morning sickness are usually boys, and I read that online too. And we got several boy predictions, I think only Daniel and Davina thought it would be a girl.

So I'm so happy it's a girl!


Tutus, and dresses, and teaching her how to code, and be geeky and star wars and love.
Tags: baby
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