ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Andy finally felt the baby last night. I would yell, Andy! And he shows up and the baby stops kicking or Andy can't feel it. And I called him cos the baby kicked. But then, Andy felt it even though I didn't feel anything. So that was cool! 22 weeks and 5 days.

In the meantime, there's a wriggling being inside my belly. Strange! And awesome.

Woohoo! I got to sleep. It may be related to me eating salmon yesterday, I found myself napping (which is a rare occurrence.) I was wondering if the baby was eating up my DHA and omega-3s to make her brain and it was getting me insomniac.

I remembered one other time I was having bad insomnia I had thought: I should eat sushi tomorrow. I think I did and then I don't remember thinking about my insomnia as much.

Then I googled and found a study from this year that said that children who eat fish sleep 1 hour more each day!

I still tossed and turned and had to wake up and pee but the bright side: I went back to sleep. And had my usual crazy science fiction/fantasy dreams which involved assassinations, flying, other worlds and genetic manipulation.
Tags: baby
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