ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

4 years :)

I had lunch at La Condessa with Jenny and Caroline, who have become fast friends with me the last several years. Caroline is constantly world traveling, so it's nice to have her back.

Then at home, Brit swung by with a mom care set from Canada, it had soaps and belly butter and scrubs, etc. And they smell so good. She visited for a while, and then Andy and I went to Anthro for an April anthro party. And then... we went to Uchiko. I was hesitant to go there because I get full really easily now, but we still managed to order a lot of food, and the sushi chef comped us some dishes, and we got a gift card. I mean, these guys are always taking care of us. I freaking love Uchiko!

We gave each other flower/fruit gifts for our 4 year. And Andy got me a set of colored bowls at Anthro, and signed up for the Anthro card. He also paid for dinner :) And I got him a waaaaaay too expensive linen shirt from St Bernard. But it was a cool plaid pattern, and I almost always buy him clothes from a second hand store, so it was nice to get to be extravagant on him.
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