ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

so much awesome

We started our coldtowne run this week. The show was okay, it had some funny bits. However, I was pleased with myself, because I've been struggling with overcoming stage fear and just go out there, and say anything. And before I knew it, the stage was dark.. and no one was out there, so I just strided into stage and said: "And that's why I switched to cloth menstrual pads".

Now that I've said that, I feel I can go into a darkstage and say anything. Well. Maybe not racist jokes. Or religious jokes. Hrmm. I guess I'm not totally liberated yet.

After the show, we all went to starseeds and Ratliff, Mo, Cody and Val joined us. It was fun, I really enjoy the company and conversation. Maybe it was the beer. Or post-show high. But it was nice, we talked about epiphanies and spiritual stuff and stuff. :)
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