ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

I had a crazy two weeks of weddings, events, portrait sessions. And now I get a little break. Phew.

Financially it's been nice. The upside of busy season is people paying you money. And then I'm not shooting anything June, July, August, Sept to mid October.

And since I don't pay myself maternity leave... it may be tight. So I'm hoping to book some weddings in the summer and get some deposit money coming at least. Or at least figure out ways to make extra money. Hrm.

The nice thing about self employment is that I can nap when I get fatigued and go to the bathroom every 45 minutes easily, but no maternity benefits :(

My belly has really grown in the past month! It's huge! I'm still only up 10 lbs, which I am pretty happy about. Though supposedly the third trimester you pack on a bunch of weight.

I need more clothes. My shirts now ride up my belly.
Tags: baby, body
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