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I had a good birthday yesterday, sundays are nice days to have birthdays. It's super chill!

I went to a toy swap, which was less toys and more clothes, and now the baby has all the clothes she needs up to 6 months. I think we are going to buy very little clothing for the kid until she is bigger. Because apparently Moms are awesome and just keep passing on clothes! So we'll keep going to clothing swaps!

I love clothing swaps.

Then I went to Dinho and ate by myself while reading a giant Brandon Sanderson book. Got home, and Andy came back from his work, and we chilled out. We laundered the new old baby clothes and then went to Perla's for dinner.

So throughout the day, I got the usual facebook birthday spam. When I was younger I was like: this is so spammy. People who barely know me wishing me happy birthday! And then this year, people were posting photos of them and me... and it was sweet and nice. And I was like: is this a thing? This is a nice trend.

And then a group of friends posted a photo saying happy birthday... and i was like, this is so awesome! My friends are so great.

And then... I was like: waitaminute! ANDY!!! I asked: is this your fault?
Andy: What do you mean?
Me: Everything awesome in my life comes from you.
Andy: ....

And so he was busted. He apparently asked my friends to do it for me, and my friends were awesome enough to go along.

Hahah, no, Andy is not responsible for every awesome thing in my life, there is me too, and my family and friends and God.
I feel loved.

Tags: best of, happy
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