ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Savor it.

Had a lovely date night with Andy yesterday where we went and I ate a really rare burger at Salt and Time. Best burger I've had in ages. Then gelato at Dolce Neve and saw an improvised burlesque show where I had to pee 5 times.

Also had an audition because they were looking for "motherly" types of all ethnicities. It was short, and fascinating. Nothing like a bunch of people judging you from across a table.

Had a mom told me: "I know people keep telling you this... but it really goes so fast. I have a 3 and 4 year old and I miss the newborn years."

Okay, everything seems fast when you're looking at it from 4 years away. But I'm counting weeks, and sometimes days here. And I've carpal tunnel on my wrists because I'm swollen. My feet are swollen.
But I didn't say anything back.

Then at the institution theater, someone joked and waved the beer she was drinking and said: "Want a beer?" And I was like: "Actually, I've been drinking beer."
her: "But not much right?"
me: "However much I want. It's my fucking body."
And then she awkwardly got silent and then left the talking group.

I felt a bit bad about that. But seriously. She wasn't even a close friend, I had to remind her my name. And I've drank like 1/4 to 1/2 a beer like every 10 days or so. But I wasn't going to explain to her all that, or that 1 drink a day is okay in your third trimester and I'm nowhere close to that.

I grumped at Andy and he joked: "Savor it!!!"

I'm sure 4 years from now I'll read this livejournal posts and go... Oh.. I sure miss the swelling and the trouble sleeping, and people telling me what to eat/drink. ??? There must be some sort of memory wipe that women go through. Moms that just gave birth are sympathetic to pregnancy discomfort but the further away from it, the more nostalgic they become.

Brainwashing hormones! Keep the human race going.
Tags: baby, body, film
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