ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

What I love about being pregnant.

So I've been using LJ to spew a bunch of negative stuff lately. I'm sorry, dear LJ, but you're one of the few places I can rant.

So I figure I'll use this Father's day to say what I love about pregnancy.

1. My hair. It was thinning with age (sad.) And now it's thick and glorious. Though there is a chance it may fall out post partum.
2. My skin is amazing!
3. I like belly rubs!
4. I have OCD, control and anxiety issues, and pregnancy is a fucking good way to teach you that you don't have control. I worry after every test. I worry about the baby. I get anxious about sleeping positions and what I'm doing right or wrong. There's so much to worry about, and I cannot control it. It is forcing me to confront various aspects of my OCD.
5. I love this baby. I already feel a giant ball of love towards her.
6. I've met amazing people and have gotten new communities. The mom community is generous and supportive. Yes, there are dogmatic and annoying moms, just ignore them.
7. I love Andy, and I love that part of his DNA is now always a part of my body. Fetal chromosomes and stem cells actually go into the mother's blood stream and then become part of her body, like the brain and stuff. Cool!
8. Baby hiccups are the cutest thing ever.
9. Now that I'm huge, people fuss over me more!
10. It is a crazy and awesome adventure to be on.

Happy Father's Day, Andy!
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