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Well. Still pregnant.

I've been screening films for the austin film festival. That's been interesting.

URGH. I'm so uncomfortable!

Andy's parents came to visit. I've never seen his dad been so polite to me, rushing to open the door to the car. We ate at Lucy's Fried Chicken and Kerbey Lane.

Yesterday, Jenny swung by and picked me up, and I went to precision camera to drop of my camera for Nikon prof services appreciation day, and they did such a good job. Then I went home, and napped for 2 hours. And then Andy and I went to dinner at Shabu, a hot pot place. And then I got home. And then I slept. Wake up several times at night. And slept again. That's my typical day now. Usually with 1 or 2 outings and then I get wiped out.


Jul. 19th, 2014 07:39 pm (UTC)
Re: The last few weeks
My blood pressure spiked by 15 points at my 33 week check up and I'm on pre-eclampsia watch.

Also, unlike some other women, I do know pretty accurately the 2 possible conception dates (2 days apart) since we did natural family planning, so I'm not under or over estimating my weeks.

And my male friend :) I think the newborn phase will be very welcomed to me at this point. My best friend had a newborn this year, and we've baby sat a 6 weeker, and we have a lot of mama friends, so I am pretty eyes wide open on this. We have a post partum doula, a MIL for 2 weeks, a meal train planned, and also hiring extra help. We are ready for a mewling newborn.