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Apparently, when you usually just post happy and funny facebook posts, and write something negative, people get concerned. Which is very touching in a way. I had stipulated that I only wanted to to talk to pregnant women, and several called me or PM-ed me. I think I would've gotten even more out reach if I hadn't said that. And someone sent me cookie and ice-cream delivery.

Yesterday was a really rough day. And so it finally spilled over on facebook. Livejournal really has shielded my facebook friends.

I didn't really get into it that much on my FB status. But basically my blood pressure is stressing me out. And so are my midwives. If you had asked me before I got pregnant what pregnancy issue I may be facing, blood pressure would so not be my guess. I have had really low blood pressure all my life. And at my 33 week checkup it spiked by 15 points, which caused my midwives to freak out. And I've had a bunch of blood work done, so far results are normal. However, with blood pressure there is a chance that it may spike again, and then what would we do? There is a chance that we may risk out of a homebirth and then I will be with a new provider at 40 weeks or something. It's just freaking stressful. At the home visit at 36 weeks, the midwife told me: "Keep proving to us that you're not pre-eclamptic."

Later yesterday Andy and I had a fight over hospital and home births. He had always been the person that pushed for a home birth. And who doesn't want a birth at home with your bed and your stuff and your cat? Now that we've been in the "birth" world more, we've heard good things about a Dr Sebestyan in OB North, but we picked the obamacare insurance with the hospital closest to us. So I don't think OB North is covered. If she is, I would seriously consider a provider transfer.

It's just a lot of stuff. Today I went to the chiropractor to help loosen my ligaments so that the baby would engage. I also went to acupuncture, we've been meeting for my blood pressure. But today we started induction points. I've also started evening primrose oil.



Jul. 24th, 2014 01:18 pm (UTC)
If my comment offended you in any way, I apologize and take it back. Feel free to delete it. It wasn't meant to be judgmental.

I wish you all the best!
Jul. 24th, 2014 01:21 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I'm not offended! Germany definitely has a better system in place for laboring then the US, and I would trust the German hospital birth system better then the US system.