ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Sonnet #34

Andy continues with his leaving me a gift at my door each day I'm still pregnant. It started around week 38 when I had a breakdown.

Today is this sonnet he wrote.

Sonnet #34
I'll love you till the end of all the world
And now there's even more of you to love.
But wait, before that heavy thing is hurled,
Let me explain my meaning for above.
It is not of your growing size I speak,
Which waxing like Diana's orb you glow,
While curves encounter further curves and seek
The space in which to help a baby grow.
No, 'tis that baby where you find increase,
Where you are doubled and my love twofold,
Our love will walk the earth and never cease,
For it is young and new when we are old.
My heart which wanders in the care of you
Will travel twice as far now you are two.
Tags: andy, baby, best of, love
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