ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Today I put on some music from my estatic dance track, turned off the lights and just danced. I can still do some wiggles and little hops. And it felt good. I haven't just danced in a while now. I should do this more. I tried a piroutte, that didn't really work out.

So my diastolic BP is now at pre-e levels. When we were at the hospital on Friday, the nurse said if this number is like this several days in the row they would induce (It was 89). But they aren't my primary care. And my midwife appt is not till Thursday. It was 88 at the last appt (90 is the pre-e) and the midwife took it 3 times. But she didn't say anything or panic. So I didn't.

I'm curious to see what would happen on Thursday. Would they induce me? I don't know. Sometimes it's low randomly on a day. So maybe it'll be low on Thursday. Who knows.
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