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boobs, uber car, formula and hippie moms

i went to the photog meetup yesterday and people were surprised to see me. but it was only for an hour or so and i took an Uber to get home. Ubers are awesome! i'm surprised since their owner is such a dbag, but the whole system was great. it shows me the driver (which was a woman) and where the car is.

thank you to the parents that responded with support for me and breastfeeding. we actually do use formula as well. her weight dropped over the 10% point, so she was born 10 lbs 1 oz and her lowest weight was 8 lbs 15.5 oz.

we use fancy formula that has to be exported in through UK and it's from Germany, it's called HiPP. there's a strange monopoly going on with US formula companies and they don't allow the sale of foreign formulas here. and europe has tighter non-GMO and organic certification.

so yeah, i don't even know how people exclusive breast feed. that's like every 2-3 hours where they're hanging off your boobs. that's 40 hours a week. that's a full time job. so basically right now it's a part-time job for me. i still pump and breast feed, just not for 40 hours a week. if that works for you, great.

it's basically how we're approaching most of the hippie parenting precepts. we cloth diaper. we also use disposables when i don't want to deal with it. and andy does elimination communication (diaper free).

we co-sleep or co-room.
yesterday on the 8th day, we finally put her in the crib in a room alone, and andy slept in the living room with the door open. it's the first time she slept in a room alone.

whatever works.

what i'm finding is that the hippie mom is way more judgey then mainstream moms.



Aug. 23rd, 2014 09:08 am (UTC)
I guess one of the reasons I'm really big on "whatever works" is that we had twins. In addition to that we had a 2-year-old. We had zero family or other resources to lean on in the area, it was me, my wife and the 3 kids.

The twins were born early (like nearly all twins are), and in sum weighed about as much as Kaya does. They needed feeding every 2 hours day and night to gain weight. Until they crossed 5 lbs they were also weighed on an accurate scale before and after each feeding and the results written down - the alternative to all this was to have them remain in hospital, which we did not want.

And they were not synchronized initially, i.e. they'd not wake up or be hungry at the same time.

The logistics of that. On top of trying to get breastfeeding to work, and I think anyone should be able to see why making it possible for me too (in addition to Silvia) to do feeding was pretty much a life-saver for us.
Aug. 23rd, 2014 06:56 pm (UTC)
wow yeah. twins. that's rough!


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