ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Andy's roast

Andy was roasted for Out of Bounds 2014. And it was pretty hillarious.
I was only a tiny bit nervous, and they were actually super gentle and nice to him, as roasts go. I figured that no one can be as mean to Andy as I could be. And that was true. And the insults that they gave him were pretty obvious flaws that I already knew ;-)

It was so nice to see him being loved, in that strange way. I teared up a few times, because the roasters would end on a nice note, and some of them were pretty sweet. And I saw Andy tear up as well, which is a big deal, he doesn't really cry. Though this month, may have won month I've seen Andy cried the most.

I don't like seeing Andy cry, unless it's happy tears.

So I laughed so much, and it made my c-section hurt! After the surgery I did mostly evil cackle type laughs: "heh. heh. heh." Because I was trying not to do full belly laughs, which is how I normally laugh. I laugh really loud normally. But I think yesterday I actually did a bunch of belly laughs, and I would start laughing before the roaster finished and before the audience started laughing because I *knew* where they were going with the joke and I was already appreciating it. I don't know if anyone else enjoyed that roast as much I did.

I was also nervous about leaving the baby alone with a babysitter. She's still so tiny and at 2 weeks. But the roast was so funny it kept my mind off worrying too much. So that was nice. It's my 3rd social engagement. I went to the photog meetup at the draught house, chelly's sci-fi costume party (dressed as a TARDIS) and Andy's roast. AND I also had sushi by myself and a book yesterday. At 2 weeks baby. So that makes me feel much better. I CAN have a life and a baby.

Oh. and here's a baby video. Just because. This is k monster just shy of 2 weeks.

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