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I miss Andy.

I think Andy's roast being at 2 weeks after kmonster's birth was good for me. It forced me to leave her with a non-family member. And it was probably Andy's only roast in his life.

So today, at 3 weeks, the in-laws were in town and offered to babysat, and we left to the South Alamo Drafthouse which just reopened and saw a movie. It was Michel Gondry's Mood Indigo, and it was terrible, too much special effects, not enough story. So after we ate we left the movie partway. Time is precious, and who knows when we can have a date together again. So we went to a coffeeshop and hung out.

We've started interviewing babysitters. It's too easy for Andy and I to keep tagging in and out. Tag, baby is yours! And not have just Andy and me time. I miss him. I can see how a couple's relationship get lost when children appear. It takes a conscious effort and money for babysitters to make it work.

So people say the first 2 weeks are the hardest! And it wasn't that bad, because I have a husband who does at least half of the childcare. If not, I think I would be a giant mess. I can't imagine being a housewife. Unless it's a housewife with 3 maids.


Sep. 5th, 2014 03:07 pm (UTC)
I have few trust-issues really. But there's also the hassle of having to ARRANGE it and the cost of having to PAY for it, that means it happened seldom for me.

It's not a question of popping out to that new restaurant, but instead you need a day or more of planning, and of course it ends up double the price after you pay the babysitter. (low-wage-work in Norway isn't "low-wage" $15-$20/hour for a babysitter would be normal, so a "night out" may well cost $100 extra.)

Still did sometimes, but more like monthly than like weekly.


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