ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

c-section recovery.

I stopped the narcotics (hydrocodeine?) after 1 week. And I stopped the high dosage ibuprofen at 3 weeks.
At 2 weeks, my incision started seeping and I went to Dr Google which said to clean it up with hydrogen peroxide. So I did for several days until my ob/gyn appointment where she was like: Um. The hydrogen peroxide did clean your incision, but it stopped it from healing.

Oops. Dr Google FAIL!

So I stopped with that, and the incision seemed to be closing fine. And I'm antsy and I wanna do ballet but I have to wait weeks. It's like my body got rented out for 9 months, and now this is another 3 months at least to recovery. Why does the woman have to do all this???

But I am feeling better. So that's good. Baby is napping now so I got to do some editing.
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