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urgh. had mild anxious moment today with the baby. it's so hard. it's like my life is wrapped up by this adorable little one and i want her to always be okay and good.

andy is so chill and doesn't worry about anything. he is such a chill parent. i'm the one cleaning stuff, telling him to please be careful with the baby. i wish i can be more chill. about everything. seems like an easier way to go through life.


Sep. 15th, 2014 06:31 am (UTC)
I SO hear you!
Bill was the chill one. So relaxed, always seemed assure of himself, and I was all "wash your hands! clean that it fell on the floor! Support her head!"

The best advice i got was to remember that each caregiver takes care ofa little on in their own way, and the very fact they caregive differently is good for babies brain; back off adn let other parent the way they feel is best, and dont' question your own way.

ALl of you are contributing to little ones brain pathways, and all of you matter. :)