ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Today I went to a coffeeshop to think about writing a screenplay.

First, I went to Starbucks but it was too full. Then I went to Spiderhouse and it was too much people smoking. Finally I drove back home. Walked to Tazza Fresca, and asked a cute guy if he mind if I sat at the same table.

Then I opened "Save the cat!" and started thinking about screen play ideas.

Back home, where Jeremy and Caitlin had brought some food over.

Oh, we also had a "day in the life session" photoshoot. Clearly, I am showing how much I believe in photography because we've had a million photo shoots recently.

Baby is awesome. She really looks at me. She was always quite alert, and lately it's been even more intense. She just looks at me with an unblinking, no filters way. And I look back at her. It's like soul gazing.

She is sleeping less. More fitful sleeps lately. After not enough sleep, Andy had a temper moment a few nights ago. Which is rare, since I'm usually the emotional one. So I had to wear the uncomfortable hat of being the calm one for a bit (which lasted 15 minutes and then I yelled at him.)

But now it's 10 pm and the two of them are comfortably sleeping in the living room while I type type type away.
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