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blood pressure and glucose numbers

Numbers don't lie. So I have a home test blood sugar testing kit (really reasonable, you can get the cheapest kit for 40-50 bucks at randalls). Get one if you don't have one. It tells you how your body reacts to sugar and meals you eat.

So I took my fasting blood sugar today twice, and it's pretty high 124 and I retook it again: 132. Which is the highest I've seen it. It was lower during pregnancy and those numbers were borderline gestational diabetes. These numbers for a non-pregnant woman is I think borderline diabetes. Diabetes is at 126. Sigh.

Time to start eating better.

I've watched so many biggest loser episodes where the men say: I have to get healthy for my children. And now I feel the same motivation.

My blood pressure numbers have dropped from 140/80 range (which is preclampsia in pregnant women and for non-pregnant it's pre hypertension) to around 110/75. But not back to where I usually am which is 90/60s.

Weight wise, I'm still a few pounds up from before I got pregnant. However, I got pregnant in the higher end of my weight, so I need to lose quite a bit more.

Time to step up the game.
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