ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Fantastic fest was cool, but I wish I had more friends going, since the parties were kinda lonely and I was being introverted.
I did get to see Keanu Reeves, which was great since I adored him as a teenager.

Had my 6 week checkup, and the doctor was happy with how my incision has healed.

However, I have lost the ability to lift my left foot to a 90 degree angle forward while keeping the knee unbent. My right still can. My left one can't even do 45 degrees. This really sucks for ballet, it basically means I'm doing physical therapy to get my muscles to be able to do a basic ballet exercise. Major ab surgery.

Andy was remarking on how much he has spent time at home while I was doing the film festival, and I gave him the side eye. I was pretty much home the first 2 weeks, and then after that we've been scheduling me around his work since I haven't started shooting yet.

blood sugar: so i read in some study somewhere that blood sugar levels can be abnormal for the first 12 weeks postpartum. So that makes me feel better. I've been pricking my finger repeatedly and so far my post meal sugar levels are under diabetes level.
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