ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

I saw the movie Wild and I've read the book by Cheryl Strayed before. It's a one women journey through the Pacific Crest Trail and it awoken in me the urge to go hiking.

A long time ago, I went hiking the smokey mountains part of the apallachian trail with a group of women, and now I want to do that again. So I'm going to try and do this in 2015 fall when the colors are changing. I can't wait.

Austin Film Festival: So I got sick, I think because I shot a family on Monday and spent 4 hours in a sick house. I'm really annoyed at the family for not rescheduling, it's actually another photographer and she knows I've an infant! We already rescheduled once because her kid was sick, so I guess she didn't want to do it again. Boo.

Anyways, I was sick and low energy throughout the conference. I went to a few round tables. I met Lauren Morelli, one of the writers for Orange is the New Black (also dating Pousse). And was inspired to do some writing.
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