ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


I tracked my housekeeping stuff yesterday... this doesn't include routine care of the baby or nursing or my daily work.

9 am
- restocked diapers on changing table
- weigh the baby: 13.5 lbs
- cleaned the pan that hold vegetables in fridge
- removed dehydrated wizened carrots that look like Groot from fridge
- threw away bad produce from fridge
- scrubbed left side of fridge under pan that is moldy
- checked joint acct to see if there's money in it.
- checked that mortgages are paid.

11 am
- found moldy chicken in fridge, threw it away
- research jumperoos, looked on craigslist, posted asking for recommendation in austin mom network, read amazon reviews

11:30 am baby finally sleeps

1 pm
- purchase diaper bag and jumper
- take photo of hypnobabies, list on craigslist.
- update babysitter file
- Text heidi asking her to babysit for tomorrow.
- reformat babysitting file

2 pm
- sew halloween costume

3 pm
- picked up shoes, socks, shirts and pants from living room

6 pm
- research teether and ice pack

7 pm
- check mail
- put dry dishes away
- confirmed with claire for tomorrow's babysitting.

8 pm
- at randall's pharmacy picked up more saline spray
- bought travel wipes for diaper bag
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