ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

houston with the inlaws

We traveled to Houston and stayed with the in-laws. Andy had a gig teaching.

Grandma is totally into the baby, it's their first grand child, so she buys her so much stuff.

I finally went into the first baby r us. My instinct was to avoid those stores, and sure enough I walked out spending $50 and buying clothes and pacifiers and bottles. The clothes were not that necessary, since we get so many free clothes for clothing swap. So I must remind myself to resist going into those stores. Amazon is easier and less tempting.

I did a design layout change on my webpage and upgraded the website. I've been neglecting it. And when Grandma had the baby I worked on it some, added a portfolio section. Then I did more work till 2 am, it felt productive and overdue.

Baby is sleeping on my lap now. Afraid to move in case she wakes up.
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