ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Today Kera came over to watch the baby while Andy and I worked. I was a bit distracted though.

Then we went to bath time babies, a swim class for babies. K monster is already kicking and splashing in the water and is super adorable.

Then I took care of the baby and then Andy took care of the baby while I went for ballet.

Tomorrow will be 4 days of ballet in a row.

Oh. I also did laundry: constant laundry.

Then I swung by the hideout to pick up baby from Andy.

And then baby and I watched black mirror.

I just nursed her to sleep, so she's on a breastfeeding pillow (my breast friend pillow).

We are just comfort nursing now, she mostly takes in the German formula we like, HIPP that we have to import from the UK because of us formula monopoly.
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