ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Christmas eve

The family all went to the Christmas Eve service but I wanted to stay home. It's peaceful and quiet now.

Andy's sister just adopted a dog, Hudson. And we have a baby. The addition of a baby and a dog definitely has made this Christmas more hectic and busy. It feels good though. The last few had just been 3 couples, and it's nice to have variety.

The grandparents are clearly thrilled to have K monster here. Andy's sister seems to not want to have children, though we keep holding out hope. I would love to be an Aunt. Seems like such a fun role to play.

Healthwise, I have a ganglion? cyst on my wrist. Prob related to pregnancy carpal tunnel. It's harmless but annoying. My neck has a creak, my heartburn is still bad, and I'm carrying too much weight around.

I'm exercising a lot lately, hopefully that would help with some of my health issues.
Tags: baby, body

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