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Way too eventful.

We finally had our first fall. I'm so upset. My husband was getting the baby to sleep while I grilled salmon. She was in our in-laws bedroom and we had our Christmas dinner. Andy thought that he left the door open so he could hear her if she cried but sister in law closed the door so that her dog wouldn't go in. After the meal, I mentioned the baby and my husband went to check on her and she was on the floor crying. So I think she must have awoken, cried, and then somehow wriggled her way over the pillows and fell on the floor. The bed is about hip height and the floor is carpeted. :( When Andy opened the door she was on the floor crying.

Also, my shoulder blade muscle is hurting me so bad. I spent the night in pain, and now it still hurts :( It's so bad that I'm taking painkillers.

The dinner was great. Lots of good presents, a lot of people are giving me money or gift cards which is nice and practical.

Andy got me a pretty nursing/babywearing necklace I had asked for.

I though Andy's family to play Splendor and Hannabi.


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  • 12 Jan 2017, 02:20
    I am so sad to hear this. Hugs and love to you
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    I woke up at 7.00am GMT time and heard the result
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    Yes it's pretty horrible. I try not to think about it. But just have to hope that people turnout for the mid terms, and then we oust him in 4 years.

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    I'm not at acceptance. Last night, I thought I was, but it turned out I was just exhausted (also couldn't sleep at all election night). Now that I've slept, I'm back to scared although also…
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