ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

1. I was mad at Andy because I was feeling neglected since he’s either paying attention to the baby or his computer.

2. I went to a gym cos I wanted to swim and the weather has been too cold for the spring fed pool we love. I was going to pay a day pass but I ended up paying for a 1 year membership to a 24 hour fitness gym. This is like the 6th gym I’m a member of. Hopefully I go. But I think this is needed because it’s so hard to go to group classes with a baby because your schedule isn’t as free. While this gym is open 24/7.

3. K has her first daycare crud. Which took 4 weeks to happen so that’s not bad, it’s a runny nose. Andy has given up on the nose frida and just puts his mouth on her nose and suck out the mucus. That is love.

4. I feel like most of my friends are suburban moms and it’s hard to find other urban mamas.

5. Also starting reading a new urban fantasy series called the Chicagoland vampires.
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