ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Andy is the ultimate crunchy mama. He definitely doesn't feed her cereal. His face turns sad when the baby cries for longer then a few seconds. He thinks about "her experience". Like making sure she has a good experience with childhood, he is listening to EC podcasts. He is better at babywearing then me, he can do fancy wrap ties. He goes to yoga with the baby (and not a baby and me yoga either, normal yoga). I cannot... compete.

When he told me that diaper changes were a pottytunity, I totally lost it and started laughing. I was like... What did you say?

(I got the baby to pee over the potty for the first time tho (Andy has done it several times)).


My baby eat what we're eating, we just pick and choose from our plate. For example we want to a deli today.. so she got some tuna salad. She ate some polenta from an italian restaurant yesterday... and bok choy from dim sun last sunday. We've fed her salmon, avocado, chicken... i've given her jalapeno chips, and remembered it was jalapeno flavored when she grimaced. oops. She also gets puree and oatmeal cereal. She whines at restaurants unless we give her food. She wants #allthefood. 7 months and didn't get the memo that food is supposed to be for fun and play only. She will eat an entire food pouch in a sitting.
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