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Landed in Norfolk airport, and Jeremy, Ben, Gulnara and I rented a car together and road tripped to Kill Devil Hills, NC. It’s a part of land that’s a little bit separated from the continent. You drive over a long bridge, the Wright Brother’s bridge.

We’re in a 3 million dollar house by the ocean. There’s 20 of us, and we all chipped in $400 which gets us food and lodging for almost a week. The house is gigantic, with 17 bathrooms, an elevator, 2 hot tubs, a pool, a sauna, 3 dishwashers. Insane.

It’s a TED like format where attendants have to contribute, either by cooking or giving presentation. I did an improv thing 2 years ago, and people enjoyed it so much so I was going to do it again.

The improv class was super hard to teach. Partly because the venue was 3 stories high, and there was beach access so people were wondering around and some people opt out or checked out and that was a little frustrating. Also we were outside and there were 19 students so that’s just a lot. I felt like the key to improv exercises was the wordings when you explain the exercise and I forgot to say certain things in some of the exercises. Boo. Which basically next time I do this I am going to run each exercise by Andy so that he can tell me what he says so I remember.

I watched people doing the trust walks and some went over risky tall sand dunes and some ran by the beach and went up and down long stairs and I could tell that some people were having scary, exhilarating times. And I could tell those people were getting their lives impacted by improv. However the people that did checked out made me feel bummed.

After class I mopped a bit, then I went around fishing for feedback. And actually, most people seem to enjoy it. The other presentations were all in a dark media room with a slideshow. One of the main organizers said that she wish she could do it every year.

I had asked people to take “safe, practice risks”, and people did! They volunteered for exercises that they didn’t know what they were going to do. They did “arms exchange” which was tough, I pretty much ended with some performance games.

So now I feel better after I got feedback.

Next time:
Human knot: split to 2 smaller groups
People to people: flop
Do woosh bang, pow
dance diamond: skip, they are too good at it
rock paper scissors: skip this one

trust walk
name game (go straight to name, gestures)
enemy defender
eyes on paper
Tags: improv, potluck
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