ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

There were 2 moments at potluck that really struck me that I wanted to hold on to.

1. The last night, the group decided to make Carnitas Waffles. Along with bourbon syrup. And it was very delicious, and I was happily eating when I looked up and saw James tearing up. He's usually pretty reserved, and then he said quietly, "I don't deserve this." And that made me tear up as well. I was in a wonderful house (2 hot tubs, heated pools!) and I was caught up in some trivial mental shit and I realized that it was better to have an attitude of gratitude then balancing scales.

2. One of the presenters, Gulnara had won the first place in a World Press Photo contest for her 911 photograph below. And she was getting her photo taken with her display, and there were 2 people behind her looking at the photos and one pointed at hers and said, "I bet some amateur was passing the street and took this photo." And it really hurt her self-esteem. She felt like a fraud for a long time. And I was thinking... people make casual snarky comments all the time to be funny. I do it. And you never know who is listening and contributing to putting them in a dark place in their lives.

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