ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

new hampshire

well we're in new hampshire now.

i'm actually kinda tired and want to be home. travel is fun but i have barely been home for a while.

baby did amazing on the flight, mostly because andy is amazing. he wore her and bounced her around in the plane until she fell asleep.

we have been eating so much. such good indonesian, specifically manado food. basically i'm screwed for dance camp in 3 weeks. but i don't really get a chance to eat a bunch of indonesian food often.

we're staying with tedy, gibi, sam and jo jo. tedy fished and cooked for us. and he bbq-ed yesterday. we also went to opa's house and had a great amazing manadonese dinner. and today will be more awesome manado food.

baby is freaking adorable, she's babling, she can say bye bye and "ba!" with her hands. (indonesian peekaboo).

i've finally stopped playing clash of clans that much (started while i was pregnant), and moved on to hearthstone.
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