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dance camp monday

well so I did get demoted for Repertory to 3a-3b. But it turned out super fun. I had thought about talking to Heidi and making a fuss. It annoyed me that the Colorado lady made a fuss so she got moved up, but her camp mates were egging her on. I decided not to make a fuss and the rep was actually super fun because Scott Putman is insane.

Variation I'm still 3b, it's from Pharoah's daughter.

I have quite a bit lightbulb moments on dance technique:
1. standing on the balls of feet. and when flat, creating an arch. using rotator muscles.

I guess that's the main light bulb.

I had an excellent dinner at Nacho Mamas with Casey, Kristina and Theresa. Kristina was asking people what their highlights of camp was so far and when I asked her what hers was she said dorking out with me at lunch was her highlight, and then she found a ballet highlight. That made me feel super warm.

Theresa and I laughed and joked and snarked at yogurt afterwards. Just the two of us. I fucking adore her.

Really, it's always about finding your tribe.

Back to the light bulb. I thought, why did it took so long for me to figure this out or for people to tell me? And then I found this livejournal note from 2009 camp:
"So Heidi placed me in 3A, and when I pushed the issue and asked why, she said I have a fundamental problem. And that is, my weight is on the heels, instead of on the balls of my feet. She said that I was using the front of my thighs to do all my work, when I should be working from the back of my leg. She said that as a result, I will plateau and not improve until I fix this."

Ok. I will work on this for 2015 and I better be a rock star when I come back for 2016 camp.
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